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Before you realize it, your kid will have grown to the extend where he or she will need to start sleeping in beds instead of cots.

However, your toddler may fall off their beds during the initial transition period. This is when you need to install bed rails for your toddlers.

The transition from the safety of a baby's crib to the open, and slightly more 'dangerous' big girl or big boy bed usually occurs at around the age of 2 to 3 years old.

At this age, your toddler is getting too big to be sleeping in a crib, but he/she is not yet big enough to be safe from falling off a bed. This is the time to consider buying a toddler bed, which is a mini version of a children's bed.

A toddler's bed is low to the ground and usually has bed rails that serve as an additional protection against your toddler falling out of their beds. However, toddler bed rails are actually there to let your toddler know that he/she is getting close to the edge of the mattress, not to prevent them from falling. Knowing where exactly the edge is helps to make your toddler feel secure in the toddler's bed.

While a toddler bed is the least expensive option among other beds, they normally do not last very long. Your toddler is likely to have outgrown his/her bed by five years old. By then, you will have to replace the toddler bed with a larger twin or full-size bed.

Unless you have more than one child who will be taking over the toddler's bed, toddler's beds aren't usually preferred. Alternatively, you can bypass getting a toddler's bed and head straight for the larger beds.


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